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Ashleigh & Anthony's Wedding

Perfect Day, perfect garden, perfectly beautiful. This was such a lovely wedding as was everything that I had a chance to see.

Robyn & Matthew's Wedding

On a very hot dry day in the middle of a paddock this extremely tired little ring bearer was happy for any bit of shade. The signing table was a huge rock found on the property at Casterton.

Yasmin & Brenton's Wedding

Brenton got to see his beautiful bride as she approached us on a quad bike. It is amazing what you can do in a hay field, being watched by horses on a bright sunny day.

Chloe & Brett's Wedding

Chloe's Mum's place hosted the wedding ceremony and then Chloe's Dad held the wedding reception at his place. Add to this Brett being a chef and the whole day was a huge success. Beautiful party in beautiful surroundings.

Alcel & Gordon's Wedding

Alcel and Gordon couldn't find out where their flower girl got his out fit from. It was a very windy day but we managed to avoid any rain.

Kirby & Chris's Wedding

This couple have had to fight against all odds to have their dream day at Blok Gardens. Poor health was not going to stop them from having their dream day in November.

Melanie & Matthew's Wedding

We managed to sneak in the wedding ceremony before it rained. This busy couple managed to get married while organizing things from Sydney. Thank goodness for family. A lovely wedding at Pt McDonnell in a hidden park.